DevOps Consulting Services

BGW iT, a leading DevOps Consulting & DevOps Services providing Company, enables delivering large applications at the pace of client business with evolving nature of development with Agile DevOps services to automate the continuous delivery – divided into predictive, well organized and consistent ecosystem and operational workflow.

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Environment Setup
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Test Automation
  • Build Automation
  • Continuous Delivery

DevSecOps & Cloud Security

Our DevOps consulting services provide you with unique service spectrums for application & infrastructure, which can help you to automate tasks and respond quickly to business requirements effectively.

CI is an industry standard to detect any problems in the early stage. Our CI experts use tools like Jenkins for high-level cross-team communication to save time.

  • Better Time Management
  • Instant Feedback
  • Early Problem Detection
  • Productive Software Development
  • No last-minute issues

Our DevOps solution helps to develop & deploy high-quality software products and services. Providing better resource management with re-using option & low-cost implementation

  • Instant scaling up of servers
  • No mismatch of server state
  • Real time deployments
  • Improved consistency

Our Configuration system offers code management, platform automation that gives your customer with a ready-to-use server.

  • Automated & instant configuration
  • Single tool manages all environment
  • Activity report management
  • Improved code quality

‘Testing Early & Testing Often’ is the key strategy we follow in a continuous testing process. Tools like Selenium, Apache JMeter, BlazeMeter helps us to check the quality of continuous delivery at every step

  • Continuous Feedback leverages ready-to-market software
  • Asses the exact business risk coverage
  • Server virtualization facilitates a ubiquitous testing environment
  • Creating agile & reliable process in hours not months

DevOps monitoring helps in identifying performance deviations, availability issues, and functional correctness problems before they affect end users. Our key monitoring policies include keeping an eye on both, pre-production and production environment along with Application Monitoring Tools (APM) that covers Web, API and Infrastructure monitoring.

  • Continuous feedback
  • Aligning client expectations
  • Overall continuous monitoring
  • Achieving business goals
  • Functionality monitoring

DevOps Services

Test Automation | Build Automation | Environment Setup | Cloud deployment | Infrastructure automation | Source code management | Continuous Delivery | DevOps consulting | Infrastructure Management | Configuration Management | Continuous Monitoring | Continuous Integration | etc


Need to ensure fast, continuous delivery and a consistently high level of software quality? An approach to software that establishes close collaboration between software engineers and IT operations employees, DevOps will help you achieve this by automating and optimising your IT processes. Our expert DevOps engineers will help you attune the delivery, deployment, development, security, and support of any high-load, fail-safe system with microservices architecture — so your business strategy can always rely on high-quality software.

Our extensive experience includes:

  • DevOps uplift to continuous deployment
  • Cloud & Development environment build
  • Build & Code pipeline uplift
  • Automated testing
  • Application resilience & modernisation

Infrastructure automation

We understand that every product is different, which is why our highly skilled DevOps engineers cherry pick tools to provide the Infrastructure as Code (IAC), an automated programmable infrastructure.

Continuous Delivery (CD) is a software development practice where code changes from various members of the team are automatically prepared for a release to the production environment. We practice continuous delivery by using AWS CodePipeline, which lets you build a workflow that builds code in AWS CodeBuild, runs automated tests, and deploys code.

  • Identifying risk factors
  • Automation testing
  • Change management
  • Release management
  • Performance optimization

DevOps consulting

Being a competent DevOps company, BGW iT provides optimal DevOps consulting services to improve product development as well as operations with tailor-made DevOps strategy that is just for you.

Cloud deployment

BGW iT provides personalized cloud deployment services based on the client’s desire to translate on-premise software, products, and datastores to leading cloud-based infrastructure services like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Source code management

We leverage the best tools available to ensure that all members stay on top of the latest changes to source code. In addition, we also maintain all revisions of code files, automate the commit, facilitate version and tagging